Vendor Terms and Conditions

Vendor Agreement - Terms & Conditions

Good Practice

To avoid issues, it is important to ensure that all your product listings are clear, accurate and include realistic images. Also make sure that all shipping costs (if any) are included in the product set ups in their admin panels. It is also essential that Vendors complete their sales terms in the ‘terms and conditions’ section of their admin panels.

All products uploaded are subject to approval and will be removed from the site if they are deemed to be of a prohibited, unlawful, or inappropriate nature.

Unreceived or Returned goods

If a Buyer does not receive an item from a Vendor, or they would like to return it for some reason, they must first communicate directly with the vendor that sold them the item. If the Vendor does not issue a refund or find some other way of resolving the issue, then the Buyer may decide to open a refund request by going to the tennisbase-marketplace Mediation Department.

When Items have not been received by the expected delivery date, Vendors should respond within 2 days from the expected delivery date and provide the Buyers with tracking reports, or issue them with a refund or replacement item.

If a return item is requested, we recommend that Vendors respond to the request within 5 business days:

Refunds and Returns are authorised by Vendors themselves, and must be instructed to process any refunds as soon as they have been agreed between the Vendor and Buyer.

Subject to mediation, tennisbase-marketplace practices a 14-day refund policy, and holds all purchase fees back during that period to ensure that clients are completely satisfied with the products and services that they have been provided with by the vendors. Vendors may then make withdrawal requests at any time. tennisbase-marketplace will process withdrawals as soon as is functionally possible and shall notify Vendors immediately if there is any expected delay due to accounts office closures or any outstanding fees due.

All tennisbase-marketplace commissions are taken directly from the sales payments and held for the 14-day period in case of any refund requirement. In the case of refunds, all refunds paid to the buyer will create a recalculation of the remaining sales figure (if any) and any subsequent commission payments. Full refunds given will not incur any commission payment requirement from the Vendor to tennisbase-marketplace.

All vendors who sell products and/or services through must adhere to the return and refund policies that apply within the jurisdictional laws of the territories within which those products and/or services are purchased.

Resolution Policy

If any issue cannot be resolved, either the Buyer or the Vendor can request tennisbase-marketplace to help to find an agreement. This request can be submitted by contacting the tennisbase-marketplace Mediation Department.

After mediation and deliberation, if it is still the case that no agreement can be made to resolve the issue between the Vendor and the Buyer, then tennisbase-marketplace will be authorised by the Vendor to decide the issue on their behalf. In this case, any decision made by tennisbase-marketplace that is deemed reasonable by UK Law, will also be deemed legal and binding by the Vendor.


By accepting a Vendor Plan through tennisbase-marketplace you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions, and agreeing to do your upmost to adhere to them in full.